Pre-loved – Asos Marketplace

Last week I stumbled upon Asos Marketplace, the thrift-shop area of the very very famous I was hooked. I’ll just say that in less than an hour I had over 45 items in my basket ,for a total price that was far above my possibilities -insert sad face-. Inatially I had two things in mind: the Zara biker jacket and a black skater dress. The first item I did not find, unfourtunately (or fortuantely for my finances), while I did succeed in finding the skater dress. The great thing was that it was only £5 (I ended up paying it £13 once shipping fees were added, but it’s still a good price, right?). It took around a week and half to arrive and when it did … it was too small. Or better, too short. The seller had listed the size as UK size 10, when in reality the dress was a size 8 (Small) and I suspect also petite. Now, I had two choices: send it back (though shipping fees would be on me) or keep it and re-sell it myself. And since I’m notoriously lazy I decided to keep it. 

Since I had recently cleaned out my closet I had a huge pile of clothes that needed to find a new home. I set up my account on Asos Marketplace (username: Laura942) and I started listing, I currently have 25 items for sale. Prices can be negotiated, just contact me.

My review of the website-

Pros: Huge variety and it’s a vintage lover’s haven! If you live in the UK you’ll have great chances to get bargains and awsome prices, plus relatively low shipping fees, obviously. Also, it’s pretty easy to sell, and it’s far more organized than e-bay.

Cons: If you don’t live in the UK, shipping prices are high. And sometimes you’ll end up spending more on shipping than on the actual item. Is it worth it? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. 

Here is my last purchase form asos marketplace:




Olivia Palermo Inspired

Olivia Palermo Inspired

I can’t believe it’s May already! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work on this blog, yet five months have passed and I have not writton a single word.

Anyway, I was looking through my pintrest “Style” page, and I came across this outfit from the always stylish Olivia Palermo. I love the simplicity of the white dress combined with the ethnic accessories. I did some research and found these cute (and cheap) “look-alike’s”.

Here’s the shopping list:
DRESS : H&M – Sleeveless dress (€ 19.95)
SHOES : ZARA – Shiny leather slip-on with espadrille sole (€ 49.95)
SUNGLASSES: H&M – Brown sunglasses (€ 6.95)
BAG : H&M – Shopper (€ 12.95)
NECKLACE: ZARA – Diamante and cord necklace (€ 19.95)

Street Style sketch

Street Style sketch

I have not been constant with this blog at all! But I have coninued to sketch bloggers fashion week looks, so I thought I could start posting them here. These are just quick pen doodles, nothing fancy, most are un-finished. If I see an outfit I like I sketch it! Sometimes in my art pad, other times on a scrap piece of paper.

I don’t usually label my sketches, but since I plan on posting them here I will probably strat labeling whaterver the sketch is!

Urban chic – Pinterest Inspiration

Urban chic - Pinterest Inspiration

I personally love Pinterest. I can spend hours on end just browsing through the many (many) pictures on my “dashboard”. In fact, I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from there, and today was no exception. I came across a photo of the fashion blogger from, and I fell in love with her outfit. It’s actually quite a simple combination of a staple grey&black spiced up by the Celine leopard print Espadrilles. Of course, being a student (sigh) I won’t be getting those Celine’s anytime soon, therefore I came up with an equally stylish (yet cheaper) alternative. I replaced each of Camille’s items with it’s counterpart from either Zara or h&m (which are, at the minute, my two favorite shops).
I’ll let the picture speak for itself, as I’ve written more than enough already!